Jordane Tumarinson is a French composer who likes to explore music with his piano, his curiosity stimulation laboratory. The approach he has can be defined as subtle and sensitive: music must be able to express the sensations and emotions of his life experiences.


“In the beginning, I started playing piano to reproduce the music I liked. Over time, instinctively, I started to hear what was on my mind. Now I play and compose for myself: on the piano I feel free, calm and relaxed. I live music as an experience of well-being. Emotions and positive sensations that I transpose into my music, and that I wish to transmit to those who listen to it ”.


Each album has its own universe, with themes and movements that give it consistency, from the first to the last track. Jordane Tumarinson's universe is at the crossroads of contemporary, classical, romantic, jazz, rock music, with various influences such as Fauré, Chopin, Debussy, Bach, Tiersen, Glass, Pink Floyd, Radiohead or Sigur Rós.

In 2018, he released his first album "Présence", which he composed and performed in full.

In 2019, he released "L’envol", produced by the Italian label Blue Spiral Records.

Then, with the album "Terra Incognita", Jordane Tumarinson experiments with multi-pianos to give an orchestral dimension to his music. Several EPs appear between each album.

2020 sees the birth of "Uto'pians", a project published by Blue Spiral Records, and the album "Petites histoires de mon enfance » or "Small stories of my childhood" at 1631 Recordings.

His new album "Nuit blanche" is announced for next October.